My Voice Counts Inc. is 501(c)(3) a non-profit organization that is working for communities fighting Bullying’s virus so that children can attend school without fear and to feel safer in them. Our campaign, My Voice Counts: Vaccinate Yourself against Bullying’s Virus, has a nationwide reach and has as an objective to prevent and put a stop to the intimidation (bullying) in schools because “Being a Bully has Consequences”. 

To achieve our objective we are asking the White House that those who commit bullying do the following:

  1. Attend an after school program for Bullies where they : “Learn to Live With Your Classmates” in school;
  2. Complete Community Service Hours (10 hours) in places such as churches or centers for kids with special needs. 

To accomplish the objective we are collecting one million three hundred thousand signatures (1,300,000) nationally and bring the petition to the White House so that it can be a project that is properly executed within the norm of schools.

The tools that we will use to collect these signatures are:


  1. Concerts at Elementary, Middle and High School
  2. Concerts in collaboration with artists
  3. Run 5K
  4. Teams working in malls, supermarkets, churches, etc.
  5. Digital signatures on our website: www.MVCmyvoicecounts.org

In our concerts and performances we convey messages of respect, share, and accepting our classmates. At the same time, we encourage the children that are observing these cases of bullying to become secret agents or reporters of the situations via our website: www.MVCmyvoicecounts.org/bullyingreport .


With these measures we will be making a positive impact that will help reduce the alarming number of victims of Bullying. Our tools are covering the following:

  1. Those who commit bullying
  2. Victims
  3. The observers and;
  4. Parents and Families.
  5. Cities and States
  6. The Nation 


http://www.myvoicecountstour.com/site/docs/Florida Status Solicitation of Contribution (1).pdf
My   Voice   Counts
Vaccinate   yourself   against   Bullying’s   Virus


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