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Jorge Elias Perez

Venezuelan Wushu Champion Jorge Elias Perez.  Mr. Jorge Elias Perez is an athlete extremely well known in Venezuela due to his medals won in renowned WUSHU World Competitions, and being awarded by the Venezuelan Government.  In particular his name and recognition in Venezuela is one that is synonymous with “outstanding athlete” and “good will sportsmanship”, as he has recently been the image for an “ANTI DOPING” campaign by the Ministry of Sports in Venezuela.   

In recent times, Mr. Perez has been given a series of motivational seminaries for youngsters in Venezuela.  His image has been in every newspaper, magazine, and Internet site dedicated to sports, and personalities in his country.  This seminaries were sponsored by the Ministry of Sports in Venezuela.

With the raise of Venezuelan migration to the United States during the past five years, particularly to the Miami-Dade County, it is urgent for our organization to have the image of Mr. Jorge Elias Perez as one of the sports celebrities on our roster for our next series of events to be held during the last trimester of 2015.  His services will be showcasing his innate and great abilities as a Wushu Champion, be a motivational speaker for our youth, and utilizing his image for the promotion of the events to be held in the United States, particularly in South Florida.

Mr. Perez’s name and image are “brands” due to his success and achievements nationally and internationally in Wushu. His extraordinary sports talent, name, and “brand” for the promotion and success of our events to raise awareness against bullying and inspire our youth.


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