Julian Serrano

It is a charismatic, talented and handsome teen, three characteristics that led him to succeed.

Five years ago turned his hobby into something public and touched by the magic wand of fate, became much more.

An argentinian Justin Bieber? Some of it is.

Born in Parana, Julian Serrano has 20 years of age and is addicted to video games.

At one point in his life he put the games aside to pursue that passion to record and upload clips YouTube for fun and to provoke people.

"It started when I was bored of playing video games.

My parents wanted me to get internet to start studying.

And the only social network that was instituted was YouTube, there was no Twitter or Facebook.

Then I created an account and I encouraged them to show on camera.

That channel has now 900 thousand subscribers! From home movies went to the teen series fenomenom “Allies” by the hand of mega producer Cris Morena, who was tempted to embolden teen phenomenon for the performance on the small screen.

Julian has come a long way from anonymity to 700,000 Twitter followers and more than a million "likes" on Facebook they spent five years and many experiments.

Julian says his trick is to keep trying and provoking.

Now he is preparing to participate in a new TV series and prerparing his first musical production.



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