Italo Maldonado

Born in Lima in 1996, Italo demonstrated his interest and skills with music from his early years.

As a child, always played with pianos and small guitars, and did not stopped when it came to singing.

He is also an unstoppable machine of creating musical compositions.

Italo started his career as a singer and composer in his school, where he gets to participate frequently in musical performances.

He has participated in the Convoc - ART organized by the University of Lima, among other places, Thru his adolescence he discovered the potential he has as a soloist so he decided to pursue further his career.

Currently the renowned vocal couch Andrés Arriaza is preparing Italo Maldonado.

At is young age he has perform in large venues like the Crocodile and Green Canyon Station.

He also had the opportunity to perform in the music festivals organized by the most prestigious youth magazine of Peru “15 & Teens” and recently I the “Musical Festivals Peru Against Bullying”; organized by the University “San Juan Bautista” and Tmjmusic.

In 2014 Italo is working on the production of his first album and has launched his single "Gypsy” - a Latin flamenco arias – composed by Ismael Fabregas.

Definitely, Italo Maldonado is a young artistic promise; eager to further develop his talents and becoming the new pop Latin sensation.



My Voice Counts 2014
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